Wendy Walker Horse Training   (306)370-5987

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


    Wendy Walker Professional Horse Training run by Wendy Walker is located in a training facility just south of Saskatoon in the Pike Lake area. Whether it be colt starting or tuning up your horse's existing training, Wendy builds a strong foundation of skills into each horse that allows for any riding discipline or direction the rider would like to take. Although the western disciplines are where her interests lie, she has worked with a variety of breeds including gaited, warmbloods, and the more known light horse types.


    Wendy believes in working with each horse's ability to progress through each stage of training so as to produce a respectful, soft, and willing equine partner. Training always begins with good groundwork skills that make the transition to the riding portion of a horse's career as effortless as possible. From there, horses are brought along with exercises that develop athleticism and good work ethic, all the while building trust in their human counterparts.