Wendy Walker Horse Training   (306)370-5987

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


    Training contracts will generally be a minimum of 2 months unless otherwise discussed. A fee of $850/month plus GST includes training time, feed, and mineral. Other therapies that may become necessary and beneficial to training progression such as veterinary, dental, chiropractic, farrier, etc. will be pursued after discussion and approval by the client. 


    Currently training out of a facility in the Pike Lake area just south of Saskatoon which includes an attached barn and 80' x 160' arena and a 100' x 200' outdoor grass arena. There are also numerous bush, hills and trails beneficial to building confidence and trust in the horses coming in for training. It is highly recommended that all horses be current on their tetanus and rhino/flu vaccinations and it is preferable that they be up to date on parasite control as well. 

    Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice